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  1. Thanks for posting! We will look a way of adding them, If you have an idea more than welcome!
  2. Lamp should be around 40-60 tickets next update its going to be changed!
  3. Hey , My name is Rodrigo, I live in Argentina, I am currently studying Game Design at univercity , I Love to play games, specially Dayz its my favorite. I love to play the guitar and many other things. and i am 20 years old! See you in game! Rodri 😉
  4. I like the idea, We will try to work on this Thanks for suggest!
  5. Rodrimarin

    Pvp shop

    Hey, What type of items you would like to see?
  6. Rodrimarin


    What we can do, is make a custom boss spawn on wildy, and make it drop a key and see the lucky on that key.
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