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  1. Small Update Log #2 - 27/07/2020 1. Added pvp armours to multi revenant caves 2. Added morrigan's weapons to single revenants 3. Balanced multi revenants drop tables 4. Removed items from the blood money shop. These items will be dropped respectively Skotizo: Demonic gorillas: Zulrah: Other updates: Balanced single revenant drop tables. Balanced drop tables from: Vorkath - Zulrah - Corporeal beast. Plenty of items made unable to sell to shop to balance the blood money coming into game. Buffed twisted bow price from 900k to 3m blood money.
  2. I agree. Instead of adding a Mbox and all the system behind it just chance on getting pvp armours and some extra BM 😉
  3. 1. Adding Pyromancer outfit who would be sold by Ignatius Vulcan (The Firemaking Master): -https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Ignatius_Vulcan Support. I can see this happening soon with the full set giving 2.5-5% bonus xp in firemaking 2. Adding Skillcape perks: I've noticed that most of the level 99 Skillcapes don't have perks nor do their teleports/bonuses. It would be really cool to have them added to the server since people who would want to do skilling could get more exp % bonus + easy access teleports to get to locations they need to skill at. I would refer off this Runescape wiki i added below. -https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Cape_of_Accomplishment#Perks -https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Cape_of_Accomplishment#Skill_boost Will have to think around this one, since not many perks would be even worth coding and adding. Almost all skilling is done at skilling zone and you can access other locations with the menu interphase anyways.
  4. 1. Extreme/Uber+ Donor Zone. Could have some more unique features that could make skilling easier/ more convenient. Maybe a new type of boss donor dungeon? Just something that came up in mind. +1 Support. With currently over 8 donator ranks available, we'd have to make atleast 2 more zones. 2 Exists atm which are donator zone + extreme donator zone. We'll see which rank should deserve a private zone and we will work on it soon. 2. Double Exp added to the daily events. Perhaps instead of events such as the hybrid tournament (since there's never even 8 people participating in that) there can be a double exp for 1 hour for players who want to do skilling or train slayer and whatnot. No support. I can't agree to replace the tournaments. I could agree on making a double xp hour per day maybe, would motivate players to skill more during that hour. Speaking of tournaments, hopefully soon we can have a higher player count to fill those spots we've all been wanting to be filled so we can play some tourneys which give a lot of rewards. 3. Slayer Streaks: When players complete 10-15 tasks in a row, they should receive a BONUS on top of what they get for completing their task. For example 10k-15k BM. It would encourage more players to do Slayer and make it into something people could make good money from. No support. This should be implemented yes BUT, we'd have to work around replacing rewards for competion of every task, right now you get around 1-2k BM per task you finish, if we were to add more blood money from slayer, that would be by replacing the SINGLE slayer task reward and making a bigger one or even NERFING current slayer since server is filling up with items and blood money really quick with a small player count.
  5. Nacho

    Pvp shop

    There's already a blood money shop with all the items you mention. You already get blood money from all drops/kills, bonus blood money from kill streaks, blood money from artifacts you pk.. etc.. Server is already thought in that way and i can't see how we could walk around that to make a new "currency" like pk-points. I understand what you're trying to suggest but imo i cannot support this idea Sorry, and thanks for the suggestion
  6. Agree. Added into next updates list. Checked it out and bonuses didnt work either. I could agree. Im kinda bias atm, any suggestions on price range? (Ex: 10-20k) - Would be a nice money sink tho. Agree. Will work on it after a few major updates. Since its a recolour shoudn't be that hard + Not really in a rush to update it Thanks for your suggestions @Relent
  7. Nacho


    Completely agree and working on one as soon as major buggy things are out of the way. No support in the nex armours idea since we want to keep server OSRS wise. But what kind of bosses you recommend for raids armour since atm its only available on most shops. I'd only agree to adding raid drops into monsters atm at a really high drop rate
  8. Nacho

    Mystery Boxes

    The higher the tier the box, the high the chance for rarer items! Mystery Box: $2.5 Super Mystery Box: $5 Legendary Mystery Box: $13 Mega Mystery Box: $30 Rewards: Common: Abyssal Dagger (p++) | Armadyl Helmet | Toxic Blowpipe | Bandos Godsword | Zamorak godsword | Amulet of fury | Occult Necklace | Amulet of torture | Necklace of anguish | Mage's book | Master wand | Saradomin sword | Eternal crystal | Ring of suffering | Ring of the gods Uncommon: Dragon full helm | Dragon Hunter Crossbow | Malediction ward | Odium ward | Ranger boots | Arcane prayer scroll | Dexterous prayer scroll | Tormented bracelet | Primordial crystal | Rune Pouch | Heavy Ballista | Armadyl Crossbow | Tanzanite helm | Magma helm | Serpentine helm | Light ballista | Elder maul | Saradomin godsword | Armadyl godsword | Armadyl plateskirt | Armadyl chest plate | Bandos tassets | Bandos chestplate | Dragon warhammer | Dragonfire ward Rare: Kodai wand | Ancestral hat | Ancestral robe top | Ancestral robe bottom | Green h'ween mask | Blue h'ween mask | Red h'ween mask | Black santa hat | Santa hat | 3rd age platebody | 3rd age platelegs | 3rd age full helmet | 3rd age kiteshield | 3rd age robe top | 3rd age robe | 3rd age mage hat | 3rd age range top | 3rd age legs | 3rd age coif | 3rd age vambraces | 3rd age amulet | Dragon claws | Arcane spirit shield | Spectral spirt shield | Pet mystery box | Justiciar faceguard | Justiciar chestguard | Justiciar legguards Ultra rare: Christmas cracker | Twisted bow | Red partyhat | Yellow partyhat | Blue partyhat | Purple partyhat | White partyhat | Green partyhat | Black partyhat | Rainbow partyhat | Avernic defender | Ghrazi rapier | Elysian spirit shield Ultra rare MEGA MYSTERY BOX: Vesta's chainbody | Vesta's plateskirt | Statius Full helm | Statious platebody | Statius platelegs | Morrigan's coif | Morrigan's leather body | Morrigans leather chaps | Zuriel's hood | Zuriel's robe top | Zuriel's robe bottom | Vesta's longsword
  9. Nacho

    Donation Perks

    All these perks + bonuses are listed ingame as = ::pkingloot Donator Perks: *Donator bonuses does not stack with each other.
  10. Official Instant-Pk Rules Please be friendly to everyone to lighten up the community. Staying positive and helpful will not get you in trouble. 1. No real world trading. 2. No racism. 3. No scamming. 3. No offensive language. 4. No spamming users or any staff members. This applies to yell system. 5. No bug abusing. 6. No advertising. 7. No encouraging rule breaking. 8. No botting. 9. No impresionation of any staff members. 10. No selling accounts. 11. No hacking, blackhat, blackmail or any sort. 12. No ragging/Rushing with overheads.
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